Why You Should Visit Transylvania Before You Die.

Where I come from, we don’t talk about places like Transylvania. This famous and mysterious place is mostly unknown. To this day, many people seem to know it as a place full of Gothic horror, vampires and of course Count Dracula.

Believe me, Transylvania is a real place full of incredibly caring people and zero vampires.

It is a historical region which is located in central Romania surrounded by cloaked legends and superstition. It is important to notice that Transylvania is a place that will make your heart race as you would experience an untouched version of Europe.

Romania is so much more than just visiting Bucharest, as it is possible to not only visit Transylvania but also to fall completely in love with it. Transylvania is richer in traditions, offers a lot of historical cities, and the air is so much cleaner and pure that in the capital city.

It has fortified churches, Saxon villages, colorful streets, and medieval architecture that will capture any historian’s hit list. But if you prefer nature you can put on your hiking boots, track wild animals and challenge the Carpathians providing a once in a lifetime experience.

Transylvania welcomes all types of travelers but if you are an artist or a writer you need to take a look at the marvelous accommodations available that offer a pure and calm workspace to get inspired.

If you are ready to learn more about this fairy tale land keep reading.

Beautiful Nature

If you want nature and hiking, you should come to Apuseni. You can find these mountains in the western part of Transylvania and they are part of the Carpathians.

In Apuseni you can walk dozens of amazing trails through this natural park. You will have the pleasure to crossed forests, villages, charming hamlets, caves, karst plateaus, incredible waterfalls, and lakes.

One of the coziest and beautiful areas is Tara de Piatra also known as Tara Motilor where you can see picturesque landscapes and villages that have not been touched by modernity.

To enjoy Apuseni you should at least stay one week.


Detunatele, also known as the Thunderstruck Rocks, is one of the major tourist attractions in Transylvania. They are located in the Metaliferi Mountains. To enjoy their view, you must go to the south of the Apuseni Mountains. They appear in the shape of two volcanic rocks, almost 70 meters high, visibly emerging in the relief.

The two Thunderstruck Rocks in the Apuseni Mountains are just one and a half kilometer away from each other. You will only be able to visit The Barren Thunderstruck which is 1168 meters as there is no path towards Detunata Flocoasa.

Visit Some Beautiful Cities

Transylvania has many things to see and do, and visiting the region’s cities is a must.

You should start with Cluj Napoca, which is the largest city in the region. Besides finding historical sites, like Saint Michael’s Church, this city is full of fun and you will be amazed by how modern it is.

Then you should go to the mountains, to one of the best places to visit in Europe, which is Brasov. Here you will find a lot of visitors that are looking for an amazing place to ski and snowboard nearby.

Finally, your tour will not be complete without visiting other interesting cities such as Sibiu, Alba Iulia, Sighișoara, and Targu Mures as they are full of attractions.

Good and Nice People

People in Transylvania are “faini”, which means good and nice and believe me, they are. They would welcome you with open arms and they find time to sit, talk, laugh, and joke.

You will be surprised by their kindness and you would find yourself invited to their house before you can even tell them your name and where you come from.

Visit The Castles

Transylvania is famous for its incredible castles. Here you can find castles that are both beautiful as well as historical. The best thing is that you will find fewer tourists than their western European counterparts. Trust me, you don’t want to miss them.

If you are looking for a couple of connections to Vlad the Impaler, you should visit Bran Castle and Corvin Castle.

Sitting atop a forested hill on the Carpathian Mountains, is the atmospheric and medieval castle, Bran Castle. If you want to experience the magic be sure to take all the hidden staircases than run through the castle.

Finally, the best way to enjoy Transylvania is to find a place to base yourself. This will help you to head out to other places on day trips.

Transylvania and Romania are both gaining popularity with tourists, but they are fewer visitors than so many other countries in Europe. This is not because there is nothing to see and do but rather because people don’t know how amazing this place really is!

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