Superfood mealworm (Tenebrio molitor)

A huge protein source for your chicken.

Those who own and care for their own animals generally try to provide their protégés with species-appropriate accommodation, the right food and a pleasant life. This ensures that the animal remains healthy, develops well and, in the case of chickens, also tastes excellent. The right food and supplemements like mealworms contributes a great deal to the taste of meat. Our chickens are regional chickens, not a special breed. They are excellent egg suppliers and their meat is white, tastes tender and juicy. In summer, our chickens live in a mobile chicken coop, which is pulled weekly on fresh meadows. This gives them permanent access to fresh grass, herbs and all kinds of insects. Mealworms and their beetle are hugely important protein suppliers for the chickens and take care of their health.

What is not a problem in the warm months from spring to fall, makes it difficult in winter.

Under the snow or in the stable, the chickens can no longer find insects and they quickly suffer from deficiency symptoms or do not even lay eggs anymore

Chickens are not vegetarians.

Anyone who thinks that chickens are vegetarian is completely wrong. An excellent way is to feed the birds mealworms (Tenebrio molitor). We have set up a small mealworm breeding on our farm. If you pay attention to a few things, you can grow meal worms relatively easily and thus ensure a permanent stock of food. 

Weekly, three to four times, the chickens receive a handful of mealworms mixed into the feed. We feed the worms alive because we have them so available. Of course you can buy the mealworms dried and feed

Mealworms – not only for chickens.

Many animal lovers have terrariums and aquariums and are happy to take care of their reptiles, snakes, frogs, spiders and ornamental fish. Mealworms are often a nutritious part of the diet for these species and a welcome change.  not only for our own use but also for sale. Who wants to spoil his darlings, may write to us. We will soon be adding the mealworms to our shop in pre-packaged quantities.

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