New World Humans – How an idea got wings. (Interview with Moonfeather Chastulik)

Do you feel the same way: Sometimes out of nowhere do you meet people who impress you in a special way? Their life story touches you. You just have to like their ideas and way of life?

Such a person lived and worked with us on SanaTerraFarm for a few days. Her name is Moonfeather and obviously her stay with us triggered a lot – for each other.

A few weeks ago I had a little interview with Moonfeather about her lifestyle, her travels and above all about her new project “New World Humans”. Some of their statements could be called prophecies – but read for yourself….



Hi Moonfeather. First of all, congrats for your website launch. It’s a pleasure to see how the project has evolved and of course to speek with you again.

Thank you. It’s always nice to speak with you.

Your new project is called New World Humans. Please explain to our readers what the name means to you and what the purpose is.

The name jumped into my head about one year ago and I immediately bought the domain name with no idea what to do with it. I only knew the name identified people like me who can sense that we are in a time of transition and change and that humans, individually and collectively, will need to make a choice between keeping the old ways or finally creating a world that works for everyone.

It’s going to take a long time but it’s time to start.

I want to create a community for these people to interact with those of like mind and to individually assist those who need help finding their purpose and feeling they have something to offer and help them to feel they are up to the task. I want to create an army of sorts of empowered people who know themselves and what they offer. Empowered people are hard to fool and manipulate and it’s time for humanity to claim this power. Everyone isn’t ready to do so though, but I want to reach those who do.


I’m absolutly with you. Why is now the right time to start with this movement?

There are different answers to this question. 1) it’s the start of a new decade and 2020 feels important, I’m not sure why, but it does. 2) People are waking up all over the world and are beginning to sense that things aren’t working for people the way they should.

These people need guidance and a way to network with others feeling the same way. 3)The earth is finite, we are rapidly using her resources and the future looks grim for the young. There is no more time to waste. New solutions must be implemented. 4) The change has already started in new ways of work, commerce, energy, etc. Some people are fighting this change and there is a rise to stop it all over the world.

But, the genie is out of the bottle, the change is happening and we either work with it or get crushed by it.


Probably some of our readers would know who is the founder of this idea? Who is Moonfeather?

I am someone who “did all the right things” by enlisting in the navy and getting a college degree, working in the mental health field and yet, the capitalist system in the US made it very difficult for me to live once I got divorced in 1999.

I had undiagnosed PTSD and depression and I ended up homeless. It was during my recovery that I embraced my sensitivity, my kindness and gentleness. These traits were not allowed while I served in the navy. I am a feeler, I feel trends, energies, and I feel the changes. Plus, I know what it’s like to struggle with housing, healthcare, work, food banks, government agencies and feeling lost and unworthy.

I learned how to embrace and love myself and create a life of my dreams. I learned how to work with my strengths, traits, and challenges to live my life on my terms. I see and feel this in others and work to help others accept themselves. It makes all the difference because I will not allow anyone to take it from me. I will do what I can for anyone who want to feel the same way.


Thanks for this insights in your persona. How evolved the idea in your mind? Was there even a key moment, when you started to think about New World Humans?

The idea remained an idea I carried around in the back of my head for months and it wasn’t until I met like minded people in Europe, like yourself, that I started to see that New World Humans were all over the globe and I was meeting them! The idea has been evolving since August and the time was finally right to start. It was sort of like being pregnant for 11 months, I have given finally given birth and now the work really starts!


Cool, thank you. Considering that the project is now like a newborn baby and has to adapt in the hearts and minds of your fans. What are the next steps?

I need to build my online presence and continue to fine tune my message so that I can attract those who I can work with and help the most. I need to listen to what is needed and adapt without losing my main purpose and focus. I need to stay authentic and true and help this baby grow into its full potential.


Of course, you will not tell us everything about the next moves – but can you give our readers a hint?

I want to build a community of those who are like minded and to help the members of the community that want help loving and accepting themselves. I am working on an online course to help with that and I want to create a membership site with monthly topics and Q and A’s.

I also am thinking about hosting a virtual summit and would love to have you as a guest! in the meantime, I will post on social media and blog and bit
by bit attract the New World Humans that are ready to be part of it. You know, find my people out of the billions on earth. That can’t be too hard, right?


Perfect! I’m really glad, that there are people like you who are spending their time and efforts to make the world a better place. Let me ask you when you are the most productive, during the day. Are you an early bird?

Oh no. I have fully embraced my night owl lifestyle and will not give it up. By working with my natural traits, I am much more rested and relaxed. I usually get out of bed between 12-13 and go to bed between 3-4am.

I am most productive in the late afternoon and evening up until about 1 am.

And finally I’m wondering how important is the place or the location. Does it matter where all the thinking is happening. Or pops it up wherever you are.

The location is important because I feel the energies and I feel how they mesh with mine. I struggled when I was back in the US for 3 months, life was harder and I felt more depressed and I couldn’t get much work done. I love Vienna and that love and energy inspires me. It’s where I have felt the best so far.

Each city and country feels different and I work much better when I feel better. Once I travel everywhere I wish to go and feel all the energies, then I will decide which location supports me best.

So, does that mean that our SanaTerraFarm also played a little role in this project?

Yes! Your farm was a beautiful place and meeting you and Hermina in a small town in Romania and seeing the work that you are doing made me realize that New World Humans are everywhere. Up until then, I saw myself as a solitary person making my way but connecting with you and Hermina and having good conversations in a total unexpected place made me see the importance of working with people.

People connecting with people is vitally important and I needed to understand that.  I saw the impact that you have on others with your work and interactions with them and how following your own path is an inspiration to others.

You offer a haven for travelers and those curious about the farm. Your beautiful farm is where my ideas really began to form and take shape and where the idea that I had been carrying in the back of my head began to take shape.

I started to write them down there! You are doing good work and are a great example of how each of us can make a difference in our own ways. I truly believe if I had not gone to SanaTerraFarm, then New World Humans would still be an idea. You and your farm were an important piece of my puzzle.

Very kind of you, thanks! What can I say? It’s always a pleasure to have guests like you on our little farm. And to see, that their personal ideas and project get wings, is even more satisfying.

I understood, that your trip through Europe is going on. Where are you now? And for how long?

I am in Vienna until 30 December then I head to Brno, Czechia until 5 January and on to volunteer for 2 weeks not far from there. After that, I’m thinking of going to Prague and Berlin. Until I find a way to settle in the EU, I don’t plan far ahead.

My goal, though, is to find a way to stay here long term. It’s easier for me to live in Europe than in the US because I gave up owning a car. Plus, Europe is more in line with my worldview and who I am.

Cool! Moonfeather, thank you very much for this interview. The rare occasions we had spent time together were always really meaningful and a pleasure. We wish you all the best for New  World Humans and all your future ideas!

Thank you! I feel the same and I wish you the best in all your future endeavors.

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