How to book

Our booking processes are simple and are made to suit you. You can book us in three ways;

Direct Booking on the Website

Very Simple! Select your arrival and departure dates and check in the booking form for available accommodations. Make your choice and book.

What you Gain: When you book directly on the website, you get our special price package. 

Booking by Email

You can check your preferred accommodation here on the website and email us your preferred lodging, arrival and departure time, and your interest.

Note that your booking is ONLY valid if you receive our confirmation mail.

Booking Through Airbnb

If you’re already familiar with Airbnb, then you might prefer to book us via the Airbnb Platform. Kindly visit our Airbnb page and check your best options; then follow the booking steps.

Note that you may pay a little extra charge because Online Travel Agencies (OTA) charge some additional costs.