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SanaTerraFarm is your premier destination for lifestyle and small business education. To get you ready for your own homestead lifestyle or small business journey we offer the best relaxation and inspiring
atmosphere  in Transylvania.
At our cozy and simple family-run vacation rental farmhouse, you’ll enjoy the escape-from-noise and the closeness to nature that you crave. For course participants and travelers we offer comfortable accommodation and natural home-made meals made of organic foods grown here on our farm.


Get the insights from people who made the journey!

•If you are like us, chances are you feel that a lot is going wrong on this planet.
•Disconnection from nature and food leads to dissatisfaction and suffering in our daily lives.
•We have been living our humble, meaningful and holistic lifestyle at SanaTerraFarm since 2006. During this time we have helped many people to find their own way in private life or in their small business.
•Stop searching.
•Enroll in our courses and live your life and small business on your own terms.
•The way nature intended!


Why we're different?

• Our courses give you a multi-layered insight into the free and holistic lifestyle we live. Whether you are just thinking about it or are already a permaculture professional, our courses will expand your knowledge and make it fun
• We’re strategically located in a place that offers you access to many Romanian tourist attractions.
• We offer a tranquil workspace where creatives, artists, painters, writers, digital marketers, and every other person can work.
• We offer a unique service where children and other interested persons can tour the farm and learn about nature, farming, and the different plants and animals located here.

Whom we Host

• Our course participants appreciate the modern, well-kept accommodations. Whether you come alone or in a group, we can offer you the perfect learning environment.
• We host every traveler or tourist that wishes to have a secure, natural, homely, and comfortable place to stay while exploring Romania.
• Our location is perfect for creatives, painters, musicians, writers, digital marketers, and other artists who need a quiet and inspiring place where they can connect with nature while working.
• Our natural environment is ideal for families who wish to take a vacation that provides bonding time, and groups who want to have team-building retreats.

Clara and Gustavo, Brasil


“We’ve had a wonderful time! Daniel and Hermina are great hosts – very caring and helpful with everything, creative and flexible. The organic permaculture farm they’ve created in this transilvanian village is the perfect place to restore energies and to get inspired about healthier, more sustainable ways or life. Thank you! “

Ambra, Italia

“Daniel and Hermina were the best hosts we have experienced through Airbnb. Their whole lifestyle is inspirational, and we have made friends for life.”

Karen and John, UK

What we offer:

From €15 - €30 per night

From simple beds in our brand new hostel, to your own romantic room or even your private apartment – it’s your choice!

Airport Cluj


Bus station


Shopping Mall


Coffee Bar


Natural Pond

for free


as you wish

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Wether you are a Solo Traveler or in Small Groups until 20 persons. Our accomodations suits your needs perfectly. Our booking processes are simple. Press the button to learn more.

Accomodations to Choose from

It doesn’t matter whether you are just participating for a weekend course or whether you want to stay with us for months – we have the right options for you!

Click the pictures to See our Rooms in More Details

SanaTerraFarm Apartment
Fully equiped kitchen
Boutique Hostel
Hostel Beds in different sizes
White Oak Mini-Suite
Romantic Room for you

New and Up-to-Date for Small Business Owners:

In turbulent times like the present, precautions and measures are of vital importance in a small business.

Therefore we offer new support and courses in the area of motivation, sales, marketing and internet presence. With a few, but essential preparations even the worst crisis can be mitigated. And after all, every crisis offers also huge new business possibilities. With the right questions, a bit of digging in habits, we will discover your small business opportunities.

Course overview and mentorship opportunities can be found here: