About us

SanaTerraFarm is a family-owned and managed Airbnb vacation rental farmhouse in Transylvania. We are Daniel and Hermina, the owners. We aim to offer our guests the bed and breakfast, quietness, and peace of mind they need to enjoy a memorable vacation in Romania. We offer welcoming apartments and secure campsites that are well equipped to serve all our guests’ needs. No matter how our guests prefer to relax and work, SanaTerra offers them all the closeness to nature they need to stay inspired. 

Our meals are made from home-grown organic foods carefully prepared using 100% organic Romanian spices. We believe the closer to nature, the better.

Our strategic location makes it easy for our guests to access every part of Romania they wish to explore and come back to a night of utmost relaxation. We also offer a workplace where artists, painters, creatives, digital marketers, and travelers can work or read right here on the farmstead. Also, because we understand the importance of the natural lifestyle, we take interested people and students on tours around the farm.

We welcome everyone to come and experience life at its best, on our little farm.

Our Story

The dream of owning a farmhouse started back in 2005 when we purchased a dilapidated house and nearly dead field. During the early times of the farm, we didn’t have plans for animal husbandry or a self-sustaining organic garden. We didn’t have the time and leisure to carry out activities associated with animal husbandry and extensive gardening. We only grew a few heads of lettuce and onions for ourselves.

With time, the heads of lettuce and onions increased, and there was a need to take care of the vegetables on the farm. 


It was like a calling!

Hermina quickly started exploring all the possibilities of cooking and enjoying food in its natural form, and we expanded the farm to include other farm produce. With a diverse food crop at our disposal, Hermina started discovering various culinary delights to serve both people that visited our farm and us.

As a trained gardener, Daniel began putting all his gardening skills to work, and before we knew it, our garden has blossomed and expanded into one of the most significant gardens in the area. 

And then the chicken came!

Our decision to start a poultry farm opened the way for other animals. Before we could say ‘Jack,’ the field we first knew turned into a great farm.

To keep everything beautiful, in a healthy cycle, and to regenerate the initially neglected soil, Daniel became trained as a permaculture designer. Since then, our farm has been growing and prospering, offering solace to varieties of tourists and locals in Transylvania. 

Over the years, we added more sections. Today, SanaTerra Farm stands as a simple, efficient mini-farm fully dedicated to regenerative agriculture, production of healthy food, promotion of fine arts, and the conveying of agriculture-based knowledge. Our farm serves as a haven where creatives can also relax, connect to nature, and do their work in the most natural environment possible.