A Spa Day at Lake Ursu

Sovata, Transylvania

Sovata is in the southern part of Mures province. It’s 55 km (29 miles) from Targu Mures, 70 km(38 miles) from Sighisoara, and 140 km (87 miles) from Turda and its famous salt mine. Since in any other place on Earth the amount of salt concentration makes life impossible, it’s areserve of unusual flora and fauna. There is a layer of natural clay on the surface of Sovata’s soil that allows species to flourish – as blessed by Mother Nature! But, that’s not its biggest mystery.

Around the years of World War I, Sovata gained popularity for its incredible therapeutic saltwater lakes. Thus, it is said that the health of people with lymphatic diseases, fractures, muscle tears, or infertility that went there to rest improved. From now on, Sovata became the spa area of Transylvania.



Lake Ursu

Lake Ursu (or Bear Lake) is the largest heliothermal reservoirs in Europe. Its shape is like a bearskin, and it extends over an area of more than 4 hectares. The depth of the water is more than 18 m (59 feet).The temperature is regular in the summer. On the surface, it does not exceed 20°, but it gets hotter as you dive. That’s why it’s an incredible place to take a dip (but only for two hours a day!). To do so, you only need to pay an entrance ticket.

The lake is surrounded by a thick forest, which adds a fairytale feeling because of the birds singing around it. There lives deer, goat, and board. They’re very shy with humans, although, if you carry a pair of binoculars with you, you may be lucky enough to see them. In the water, there are several types of trout and common aquatic flowers. 

Please note that no fishing or wildlife extraction is allowed. We are talking about a green tourist destination. We have to take care of it as it takes care of us!


It has some wooden esplanades from which you can approach the water. You can also take a relaxing walk around the lake. The peaceful atmosphere will make you recover the energy lost by the routine. There you’ll be renovated inside and out! 

Not satisfied with the spectacular natural space, Sovata representatives built an incredible facility to teach tourists about its ecological relevance. There you’ll see plant species in preservation with their respective guide to find them on your own when you go exploring – ideal for adventurous souls and ecotourists! 


We loved visiting Lake Ursu not only because of its breathtaking scenery but also because of
the good vibe it gives off. It’s an excellent place to rest, to heal body and soul. It is worth going
even once in a lifetime!

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