8 Tips for Traveling to Transylvania as a Female Solo Traveler

Solo woman traveler

Being a woman is no longer an impediment to doing what you want, even traveling. There are more and more women traveling alone in airports or taking their postal photos for social networks.

In general, unlike other countries, Transylvania is a safe destination for female solo travelers. We may have ancient streets, walls, and castles, but we’re far from being a medieval society.

We don’t keep track, yet a good part of the tourists we receive are women. We often sit down to talk, interested in their history. We are inspired by their courage and strength because not all of them come from a country where they have as much freedom as in Romania.

So if you’re thinking about coming to Transylvania, here are some tips for before and during your trip that we collect from our lovely female guests according to their experience here.

Research before you book

Transylvania is big. Although transportation is relatively easy to use, you don’t want to spend most of your vacation on a train or driving on the road because you don’t know where to go.

Plan your trip according to the places you want to visit, the time of year you will travel, and the accommodations that suit you best. Fortunately, there are many things to see and do in Transylvania. So you won’t be idle long.

Keep in mind that not all tourist sites are open every day or during all four seasons. So depending on what you want to do, there is a perfect time to travel.

Don’t leave the paperwork until the last minute

Deciding to be a female solo traveler isn’t just about getting on a plane and eating at local restaurants. Dealing with the reactions of your loved ones is perhaps the hardest part of all. Even if you have their full support, the worry is always there.

It’s essential to be cautious, leave everything in order before taking your passport out of the drawer!

Make sure you purchase adequate travel insurance and leave all your details with someone at home. For example, hostel phone number, hotel address, or ticket number. This way, they can stay in touch and feel safer while you’re away.

Choose the best hostel for you

In Transylvania, there are countless options to spend the night. If you want to save money for a tour, look for something more friendly for your pocket, like B&B hostels . They have the same benefits as a standard inn, but cheaper.

Do you already know how to make a reservation at our farm hostel?

Take advantage of your own company

Traveling alone to Transylvania is also an opportunity to be with yourself and get to know you better. So it’s far from being lonely and boring. Among your activities in the itinerary should also be time to reflect and break your own comfort zone.

Go to the book you’ve been wanting to read for a while, make a video call, or just take a deep breath and enjoy the mountain scenery. Trust yourself, remember why you decided to take these days for yourself and become a solo traveler.

You don’t need a partner to go for a walk

Surely you have heard several times that a woman should not walk alone in the street, much less walk on her own. Well, that’s not a problem here. In fact, there are plenty of online offers for individual tours of Transylvania’s most emblematic sites with no gender exclusions.

If you’re not willing to hire a tour, you can always consult us and ask for suggestions – we are here to help our guests!

Set up a flexible budget, but don’t go into debt!

Compared to other tourist destinations in Europe, Romania is inexpensive to tour. There is no need to overdraw your credit card, as you can find accommodation and meals for less than half of what you would spend on another land.

Please note that the official currency of Romania is the Romanian leu (RON). You can find cash at ATMs or exchange offices at airports or on trains.

Have a plan for when you can’t do anything

On a trip alone, you may feel that sometimes you don’t have anyone to spend time with, especially during the flight or the train. Bring something to distract you when you can’t walk around.

Don’t fall into the most common mistakes that solo travelers make[2] . If you’re around someone who is also eating lunch alone, invite them to chat. No one knows you, you have nothing to lose! Maybe you’ll make a good friend for adventures in Dracula’s land.

Don’t be afraid to eat something different

The traditional diet in Romania includes pork. All meals, all the time. Therefore, vegetarian menus are scarce, although this doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy a delicious salad if you’re vegetarian. Of course, there is standard food like pizza or tacos, but why travel so far to eat the same thing every day?

However, if you’re more likely to organic food, don’t forget to try our meals. It’s totally harvested on the farm – we even teach you how to cook with the Romanian cuisine touch using our fruits and herbs!


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