5 Convincing Reason for Staying on a Bed and Breakfast Farm

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One of the most rewarding things about traveling is to change your environment completely. Getting to know a community is not just about visiting museums, parks, or restaurants. Place where you stay also influences the way you live your trip. The hostel is your safe zone. It’s, let’s say, your second home away from home.

Lately, Bed and Breakfast (or B&B) farms have represented a complementary match to hotel chains and conventional inns. Not only do they offer you a soft bed and a closet to put your things in, but they also give you a whole new experience, a chance to get closer to the place you’re visiting with different eyes.

You’re no longer the tourist who takes pictures of everything, but someone who knows and learns about the country they visit directly from its day-to-day life.

We receive many tourists and artists from all over the world at our farm hostel. Everyone has an expectation of Transylvania, its culture, and its landscapes. Also, they have an idea of what it’s like to stay at a B&B farm that sometimes matches reality.

Based on their experience, we compiled the reasons they gave us why they decided to stay at a B&B farm like ours!

You save money

Unless you’re promoted by your company or a patron, let’s face it, budget is always a deciding factor in any trip.

Most of our clients are couples or solo travelers  who decided to take a (not always) short break after work. They come with what they need to have a good time without getting into debt once they get home. That’s why B&B farms (including us) offer solidarity rates compared to standard hotels.

Check out how you can make your reservation at our farm hotel, we have special package offers!

You’re in contact with nature in an eco-friendly setting

Why come to Transylvania or any B&B farm but to enjoy the view? The charm of these lands is not only because of Dracula. The purity of the air and the greenish stillness gives it a sublime atmosphere, perfect to rest from the skyscrapers, the traffic, and the setbacks of the cosmopolitan city!

Also, when you stay at a B&B farm, you can enjoy a totally organic meal, harvested by the owners and even some of the guests. If you’re a vegetarian/vegan food enthusiast (or simply like to taste local food), this is a very profitable and healthy option.

You get into the real-life, local culture

It’s not the same to get to know a country or city through its tourist attractions that live with the locals.

Although the spots meant for tourism are beautiful and tell you about town history, contemporary daily life in Transylvania it’s way more different than that. It doesn’t take place in the corridors of medieval castles, nor are there hordes of European empires trying to conquer us once per week. Sorry if this disappoints you!

Staying on a farm hotel in Transylvania isn’t the same as the routine of the average tourist. By helping in a B&B farm, you see first-hand how the Transylvanians live, do, talk about, and eat. And it’s astonishing because none of that is in the museums. Besides, you can eat and enjoy the product of your work, isn’t that the charm of living by and for nature?

We love our memoir as much as we love our land, so we achieve to teach newcomers about the bounded beauty in our crops and animals.

You meet new awesome people

When you go on a trip, it’s common to think you’ll meet new places and new people. However, in a farm hotel, you live with travelers with the same interests in nature, organic food, and local living as you. You team up with people you might never have met if you had not come there. The atmosphere encourages you to get to know the local culture, but also the way of seeing the life of other foreigners.

We have met exceptional guests who have become genuine friends. Our farm has also been the scene of friendships that have transcended borders and language bars.

It’s very satisfying to be able to carry such an enriching life experience as the exchange. We simply love to sit and chat with renters over a good glass of wine until late!

You eat healthy, delicious organic food!

Most B&B farms like us offer menus with food 100% grown on their land. Some of them allow you to cook whatever you want using their own produce, while others bring the breakfast of your choice to your room. We like to go further.

As promoters of sustainable, regenerative agriculture, we teach our guests to grow their own food and cook it Romanian style. Of course, you can also teach us how you eat at your home – we will be grateful and happy about the culinary exchange because we love to eat!

You can stay for free if you give a hand

One of the reasons for staying on a Bed and Breakfast farm is that you can work there as a volunteer without paying any rental costs. This is a very tempting advantage for young or energetic travelers and for us, the host, even more so. Some help in maintaining the place is always appreciated.

If you’re interested in staying with us but are on a tight budget, take a look at our volunteering ad. We would love your support with gardening, farm work, maintenance, and even to practice other languages. 

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